• Construction law and investment process
    Since 2014

    We have provided legal assistance to a Treasury organisational unit in relation to hydro engineering works (construction and repairs to shoreline armouring structures) with a value of almost PLN 20 million (The Red Book of FIDC). Our consultancy services include a consulting engineer contract. The project is co-financed from EU funds.

    Since 2014

    We have helped a local government unit to pursue guarantee and warranty claims connected with a swimming pool where the value of the project exceeds PLN 50 million (The Red Book of FIDC).

    Since 2014

    We have provided legal advice to one of the leading construction companies in Poland and Europe, in the tender process for a hydro engineering contract (flood defence structures) in southern Poland.

    The value of the contract is greater than PLN 800 million; the project is co-financed by the World Bank.

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